From the Studio of Roger Fox

About me

My first camera was a box Brownie which I bought from a jumble sale in 1955 at the age of eight. I have enjoyed taking photographs ever since.

I started painting in oils at the age of sixteen and sold my first painting through a gallery three years later. For a time I was making enough money to pay the rent and have some over. In 1969 things changed and I temporarily gave up painting but continued taking photographs – mostly black and white which I processed myself. Sadly, almost all my early photographs are long since lost.

My temporary cessation of painting finally came to an end in 2013 after a break of 44 years. By then I had been living in the village of Glossa on the Greek island of Skopelos for eight years and enjoyed using the wonderful light and the abundant local subject matter in photographs.

When I started painting again, I had to get used to acrylics rather than oils and the light, but mostly I needed to learn what kind of a painter I was. I tried sort of picking up from where I left off, but I am a different person with different eyes. For two years, I learnt to paint again from scratch using the landscape as subject matter – including the amazing sunsets we get here. In 2015 I began to record the lives and celebrations of the local people. Body language is writ large here and people show what they are feeling in large and generous ways. There is plenty of material to keep me going.

I have been asked to add something about influences. Painters whose work I like include (in no particular order) Braque, Magritte, Burne-Jones, de Lempicka, John Sloan, Hopper, Gwen John, Berthe Morisot, Lucian Freud and Jack Vettriano. Tom Purvis and Norman Wilkinson are my favourite graphic artists.